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We love nothing more than to find a new place in the valley to share our love of great flavor and tradition- whether that place is a giant festival, wedding, office lunch, or your own backyard! Below are Some options and guidelines we have found to be successful; check them out and then contact us to plan an event specifically tailored for what you have in mind!

*our full menu is available for many events. If you are a bit budget conscious or are expecting a larger crowd, a limited menu can be offered based on your preferences and/or to simplify the process (if you are working on a ticket based ‘meal’ system, for example.) full catering menu and online order option coming soon!

*we are more than willing to craft the perfect children’s menu- for an entire party just for that younger crowd, or to supplement your kid-friendly event. Just let us know.

*we can get creative with parking in all kinds of places, but for larger events, or those anywhere downtown, for example, we need ample time to speak with the corporations involved to secure permits and permissions to make the event run smoothly. The more time for this, the better.

*we would love to have the truck on site for every event. we cannot be in multiple places at once- but our amazing food can! for smaller crowds, or events without room for the truck, we are happy to plan pre-made meals for delivery right to your door, or provide larger portions for catering in disposable containers that we are more than willing to set up or serve as you enjoy your event. Please keep in mind All catering events are subject to possible gratuity and/or delivery/truck transport fee.

We would love to work with you and help make your event spectacular! If you are interested, fill out this form or drop us a line at with your contact info and the date, location, and number of people you have in mind. We love satisfying a large event full of people, or a small but very hungry office of employees- and everything in between! Thank you for your interest in silver moon taqueria!